Betaine from Beetroot


A little theory: What do we understand by osmoprotective effect?

Extreme temperatures and lack of water are adverse environmental factors that cause water stress in plants, leading to a negative impact on their growth. In these conditions of environmental stress, to maintain stable intracellular conditions, many plants increase their osmotic potential by accumulating intracellular osmolytes. Glycine, betaine, proline, mannitol, sugars,... are substances with osmoprotective effect that help the plant balance its cellular water balance.

Our skin, being prone to UV dehydration stress, also needs osmoprotectors.

Benefits in cosmetics: Betaine is a component with superior hydration performance, derived from amino acid, extracted from Sugar Beet. Sustainably sourced from upcycled sugar production, it is an osmoprotector that helps protect proteins and regulate the water balance of cells by increasing organic osmolyte transporters. It provides the skin and hair with a fresh and hydrated feeling.

Where we have it in our products: TRIPLE ACTION FACIAL TONER