Our favorite place in the house...

The bathroom is where we pamper ourselves, where we look at ourselves in the mirror and smile, it is an oasis inside the home that connects us with ourselves in the most pleasant way.

Below you will find a set of products to complement Labeau cosmetic products with useful, healthy and sustainable utensils: baskets, reusable towels, mittens or bath sponges that will make your home speak of your values.


Aiguavista is a brand committed to wellness and sustainability through water, prioritizing the reduction of the water footprint in every step of the process. Its focus is on offering high quality home and bath textile products that not only improve people's daily lives, but also promote a more balanced lifestyle. Their goal is to be a responsible brand, focused on sustainability and making a positive impact on the communities they serve.


Verdonce is a project created by the Green family, Monica Garcia and Oliver Green, who advocate minimalist living. In 2018 they wanted to go a step further and create VERDONCE, a brand of sustainable household product in order to help all those families who were in their same situation and wanted to reduce the amount of waste in their home.
All of their products for the bathroom, one of the most wasteful areas of the home, are made from natural vegan fabrics and are PETA-approved. Its manufacturing is handmade, local and ethical as each of its pieces have been sewn by women in vulnerable situations through its social commitment with several associations such as the "weaving a future" project. A rounded brand to make your home a more ECO place.