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A selection of beauty, nutricosmetics and wellness essentials for a life of meaning and vitality, with the aim of returning to our natural state of health.

Cosmetic accessories, aromatherapy and supplements that will allow you to let go of stress and reconnect and balance mind and body.

The Mira Lab

Mira is born with a mission, to invite us to reflect and to make us lead a more conscious life. For women to take care of ourselves and the planet, more and better.
Mira Essential is a multivitamin specifically formulated for us, which combines, in a single capsule, 10 key ingredients for our well-being, such as vitamins D3+k2, folate or vegan omega 3 DHA. Will you notice? Sure, it contains ingredients that promote the proper functioning of the immune system, brain function, increased energy, better rest and mood.
It is a Spanish project, founded by Elena Nieberding, the result of the search for products that we understand, and that are good for us, our frenetic pace of life, and for the planet.


Gyrotonic® is a discipline that combines elements of yoga, tai chi, swimming and dance, designed to improve strength, flexibility, mobility and body coordination. It is performed on specially designed machines that include pulleys, ropes and weight systems that allow for three-dimensional, fluid movements.
These movements mimic the body's natural movement patterns and help improve posture, improve coordination and flexibility, improve physical power and endurance, improve blood circulation and help combat fluid retention, among other benefits. Breathing, as in yoga, also plays a fundamental role in reinforcing physical results, promoting relaxation and releasing stress. It is also suitable for pregnant women. Gyrokinesis, an exercise modality without machines, can also be practiced.
The Gyrotonic® Bonanova center was created by Paula Orozco as a result of a transformative personal experience. Paula was faced with a back injury that caused her constant pain and limited her quality of life until she started practicing this discipline in which she noticed a remarkable change in her well-being.

Leser Yoga

Leser emerged as a thoughtful response to the sports industry, questioning the predominant use of petroleum-derived synthetic materials such as polyester and polyamides. Xènia, CEO of Leser was inspired by the principles of yoga, particularly the importance of breathing, to advocate for natural materials that allow the skin to breathe properly and avoid irritation, as well as to prevent the release of environmentally damaging microplastics. Leser's fabrics are composed of a blend of seaweed with organic cotton.
Its mission is to create a coherent and committed brand, opting for local and sustainable production.

MĀ  Moments

It is a brand that promotes well-being through 100% pure and organic essential oils. They propose us their Master Blends of different essences already prepared for different moments of the day: when we get up, when we are at work, in a moment of special connection or to go to sleep are some of the MĀ moments in which we can use aromatherapy to feel better.
Its creators, Nina and Esther highlight the power of Aromachology which is the study of the influence that the scents of different essences have on our feelings and emotions as well as in decision making.
MĀ is a Japanese concept that means natural space in a pause, a quiet space needed in our lives to reconnect with ourselves.

Mimi Ceramic

Miriam is a personal project of Miriam Galván who after 15 years working in the Ecommerce sector in large corporations, discovered the healing and transformative power of ceramics. Miriam offers us unique ceramic pieces, lovingly crafted by her own hands in a workshop in Barcelona.
Aware of the need to enjoy the small moments in a conscious way, she offers us beauty tools so that we can ritualize the cosmetic routines of our daily life.
Graduated in Gestalt Therapy, Miriam not only offers ceramic pieces, but also guides and accompanies Art Therapy workshops.