Innovative Prebiotic from Chicory and Sugars


Origin Technology + Nature: Our prebiotic complex is a blend of Inulin from Chicory roots and Alpha-glucan oligomer derived from natural sugars through an original enzymatic synthesis process, creating billions of invisible allies. These beneficial microorganisms form a protective antimicrobial shield against hostile organisms, allowing the skin microbiota to live in balance.

When our protective microorganisms diminish, their place can be taken by hostile organisms, such as fungi. The skin feels uncomfortable, reddens, and itches.

Cosmetic Benefits: The prebiotic stimulates the growth of resilient and beneficial flora at the expense of pathogenic flora. Its bioselectivity allows it to restrict the growth of pathogenic flora and protect the skin ecosystem, maintaining or restoring balance so that it returns to its normal state.

Products containing it: Triple Action Facial Toner, Repairing Serum with Tamanu Oil, Facial Moisturizer for Oily Skin