body masks since ancient Egyptians and Romans, thanks to their unique mineral composition. By adding white clay (Kaolin) to the facial cream for oily skin, we offer the ancient remedy in a new format.

Clays are a natural source of minerals and trace elements for the skin. Our kaolin clay is sustainably sourced, mechanically processed with a safe and unique decontamination process, and finely milled to provide the best finish in the cream.

Cosmetic benefits: Kaolin clay has unique properties: it brightens the complexion by reducing pigmentation, eliminates inflammation spots, and improves the condition of oily skin. Silicon rejuvenates and firms the face, as it has reparative properties and promotes increased collagen formation in tissues. Aluminum has drying properties, making this ingredient valuable for oily skin care. Manganese is a well-known disinfecting mineral element that is actively and very effectively used in any inflammatory reaction. As a result, facial products with white clay have a magical effect on the skin, transforming it beyond recognition.

Where we have it in our products: MOISTURIZING FACIAL CREAM FOR OILY SKIN