Art Therapy


Art therapy aims to: promote the sensation of being fully present, in the present moment; facilitate the expression of emotions through artistic exploration; foster the process of creation and transformation; and increase the channeling of energy.

It is an opportunity to connect with ourselves, our inner child, and our essence. Through clay exploration, we seek to free ourselves from limiting beliefs. Keep reading to learn more about it!


There are many benefits attributed to art therapy, some of which include:


In an art therapy session, the focus is not on creating a masterpiece, but on the creative process itself. Individuals are encouraged to explore colors, shapes, and textures in a free and non-judgmental manner. This not only unleashes blocked creativity but also provides an opportunity to explore underlying emotions.

Overcoming language barriers

One of the most powerful aspects of art therapy is its ability to overcome language barriers. For those who find it difficult to express their emotions in words, art becomes a non-threatening and accessible medium. The canvas becomes a safe space where thoughts and feelings can manifest without the weight of self-censorship.


As one works through artistic creations, they can experience a sense of control and empowerment over their own narrative. The ability to shape one's own experience and see it materialized can be transformative. Art becomes an ally on the journey towards personal understanding and acceptance.


Art Therapy with Mimi Galván

Miriam Galván is the person behind Mimi Ceramic, creating unique handmade pieces in Barcelona consciously.

Each piece is created with the intention of inviting you to pause and enjoy the everyday. To live a more present, slower, and more conscious life.

For Miriam, art therapy is like a joint journey, which we start by connecting with our breath and creating an intention for this experience, entering a flow of creativity in which we can express our emotions through clay.

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