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During the month of August, cities take on a kind of apparent calm, with offices and streets looking less crowded. However, there is a considerable group of us who choose not to go with the flow and remain in the city, continuing with our daily routines. Some of us study, others continue to work and there are those who simply enjoy the city to the fullest during this summer season. For this reason, we show you some of our favourite places for different occasio.



Raw Studio (

Raw Studio has already become the ideal place to go for a mid-morning break between the endless tasks that routine brings; the place to start a weekend with an exquisite brunch or to have a sweet mid-afternoon snack. In short, the café where any time of the day you go is a good choice. And all in a Nordic style space in which each piece of furniture, accessory and decorative element has been incorporated with a purpose.



Nomad Coffee - Frutas Selectas (@nomadcoffee)

In this space located in Poblenou, you can enjoy both a good coffee and a good sweet from our dear colleagues at Pa de Kilo. You can also choose between several of their loaves of bread: the classic Pa de Kilo, wholemeal, with walnuts and even with Kalamata olives!





Levaduramadre Natural Bakery (@levaduramadre)

This chain of coffee bakeries will make you feel at home. In these establishments they offer the best artisan breads with a wide variety. All of them are made with sourdough and respecting the traditional fermentation times as bread was made in the past. You can also find a wide selection of coffees, teas, pastries and savoury products.



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