Talking about Women with Ingrid Pistono, Psychologist and Writer

Hablamos de las Mujeres con Ingrid Pistono, Psicóloga y Escritora
On this International Women's Day, we wish to highlight the qualities that transcend the merely physical and make each woman unique. We recognise the importance of highlighting less obvious, but equally relevant aspects on this day. Although each woman has her own individuality, we share common traits that unite us (sensitivity, empathy...). To address this issue, we had the pleasure of talking to Ingrid Pistono, psychologist and writer.

Women and their emotional capacity

Women tend to be very emotional and that's fine as long as we know how to measure it. It's okay to express positive and negative emotions, but we don't want them to stay inside and hurt us. We women tend to be very witches with ourselves, we criticise ourselves and we have a very high level of self-demanding, professionally as mothers, as housewives, as partners, with respect to our physique.

In short, it is very easy for us to be witches with ourselves and we also tend to compare ourselves with others and think that the rest of the world does better than us.

If we managed to channel these emotions in our favour, listen to ourselves, give ourselves time and stop comparing ourselves, life would go much better for us.


Psychological differences between men and women

Men and women are different both physically and psychologically. Of course, we also have many traits in common, but we differ in a number of ways, partly because of our genetics and partly because of the environment in which we live.

Normally, women find it easier to take care of themselves than to take care of ourselves. We tend to be very critical and self-demanding.

Moreover, 90% of women have had or will have anxiety at least once in their lives. It is not that there are not men who also suffer from anxiety, but it is a much smaller percentage.

We tend to be very demanding of ourselves in all areas, and of course we are surrounded by many areas and it is very difficult to do well in all of them.


Women's empowerment and how it affects women psychologically

There is a lot of talk nowadays about women's empowerment. And it is true, there have been many changes in the last few years and women are now usually entering, for example, the labour market. This has its pros and cons. It depends on how each one of us knows how to handle it.

If we are able to take our time, not to demand too much of ourselves in the different areas, then that's good. If this empowerment means being in a continuous struggle with ourselves, perhaps we should lower this level of self-demand.

In short, we must seek our emotional wellbeing in our personal and work environments.

The big issue: Motherhood

There is a lot written about how we should handle motherhood. My recommendation is to do what comes from your heart, forget about whether sleeping with you is good or bad, whether you cuddle him, whether you don't cuddle him, whether you let him cry, do what comes naturally to you.

In the end, a child who creates good bonds will be a happy adult.

In conclusion, well-being begins when you feel good with yourself and with the people around you. We are aware that there is still a long way to go, but we also know that little by little we will get there. Thank you Ingrid for your time!


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