Toiletry jewellery. A new world in skincare.

Las joyas de tocador. Un nuevo mundo en el skincare.
In today's hectic life, it is common that we do not give due importance to taking time to take care of ourselves.

At Labeau, we choose natural cosmetics to do this as it is not only more environmentally friendly but also encourages and promotes the natural power of our skin through the use of natural and sustainable ingredients. Ingredients such as aloe vera and shea butter not only bring benefits to the skin, but also put us in touch with nature, creating a unique sensory experience.

In turn, toiletry jewellery is a tool that turns our personal care practices into moments of enjoyment and self-expression. Each product encourages us to enter a universe of experiences and enjoyment. It also gives us the chance to do something truly manual.

Why take the time to care for your skin?

Taking care of your skin is an act of caring for you.
Taking care of your skin is not just a daily routine; it is a way of showing love and nourishing your skin from the inside out. Through gentle cleansing, gentle exfoliating and deep moisturising, we can preserve the radiance and health of our skin.

Facial massages are trendy and here to stay.

In addition to using premium products, we can include facial massages in our skin care routine.

Massages not only promote circulatory activity and encourage cell renewal, but also offer a period of calm and comfort for the body and mind. Massage is a way of healing the spirit.

In addition, by using soft and gentle movements, we can release accumulated tension in the facial muscles, making our skin look better.


What kind of toilet jewellery is there?

There are various types of toilet jewellery. The best known are the Gua Sha and the jade or quartz roller. Their functions are similar but their use depends mainly on our preferences when it comes to massage. Both help to drain the skin, improving its circulation and releasing possible tensions by activating blood flow and circulation.

The Champi by Mimi Ceramics

At Labeau we are delighted to have Mimi Ceramics and its Champi Roller Crystal.
A beauty tool inspired by the traditional gua sha but made of porcelain. It is a noble material that stores heat very well. This makes it perfect for heat treatments and to enjoy a treatment that is not only very rejuvenating, but also very relaxing and decontracting.


The Guasha by Mimi Ceramics
The Guasha by Mimi Ceramics is a tool also inspired by the traditional gua sha but made of porcelain to maintain the vitality and luminosity of the skin.

They are unique pieces handmade in Barcelona.
Its use provides luminosity, minimises pores, reduces and eliminates marks and expression lines, relaxes the facial muscles, detoxifies, provides an even tone, lifts and sculpts the face and enhances the effect of cosmetics.

In a nutshell.

To summarise, self-care practices such as jewellery toiletries, skin care and facial massages are great tools for achieving physical and mental wellbeing. By including these practices in our daily lives, we not only improve our physical appearance, but also strengthen our inner connection, improving both physical and spiritual health.


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