Prebiotics, by contributing to the preservation of skin microbiota, play a crucial role in preventing photoaging and reducing the risk of dermatological conditions such as dermatitis and infections. By maintaining a healthy balance in skin microbiota, these prebiotics promote a more resilient and efficient skin barrier, providing natural defense against harmful external factors.

Bakuchiol, in combination with hyaluronic acid, offers significant benefits for the skin by stimulating collagen synthesis. This action promotes improved skin firmness while providing deep hydration and increasing skin elasticity. Collagen production is essential for maintaining skin structure and integrity, and these ingredients work together to strengthen and revitalize skin appearance, counteracting visible signs of aging.

Additionally, seaweed plays an essential role by acting as a protective shield for the skin. Its ability to confront artificial lights and UV rays, as well as to reduce inflammatory stress, provides comprehensive defense against external aggressors. This shield not only protects the skin from damage caused by environmental exposure but also contributes to overall skin health, promoting a more radiant complexion resistant to daily stresses.